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Believers by the Bay
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Our fellowship exists for the purpose of free association among imperfect individuals who share common values, beliefs and standards of proper conduct so that united as a fellowship we may: • Increase in further light and knowledge of the restored gospel and eternal truths;• Develop in obedience to the Spirit of God so that we may attain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be introduced into the presence of God;• Be instruments in the hands of God in building His kingdom on earth;• Learn to reason among ourselves with gentleness and persuasion that we may discern between right and wrong, truth and error and conduct ourselves in all aspects of life as disciples of Christ• Understand God given or natural rights and the proper limitations and obligations on our self-governance. • Cultivate our own stewardship, self-reliance, and charity; feeding the hungry, clothe the naked and administer to those in need, so that there are no poor among us; • Exercise individual agency according to true principles, magnify character and self-discipline of both mind and body and live in love and peace according to the dictates of our own conscience.If you call and leave a message, please mention that you are interested in our Fellowship.
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