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Little Zion is an online tithing group that has an open, running chat environment. This environment has helped the members get to know each other in ways that you don’t always get the opportunity to in person. We continually discuss topics that people bring up to the group. The group consists of people from all over the USA, though the majority is in Utah.We believe that Zion is something that cannot be built. That it is the natural emergent result of having people that are pure in heart. Therefore, we tend to focus on what we individually feel we need to and lean on the group as a type of extended family. We have no leadership or hierarchy. We socialize using internet-based chat programs, as a way to get to know each other, become friends, and to generally knit our hearts together. We have one area for our ongoing chatter, where no topic is off-limits, and it runs continuously. Some would find some of our discussions irreverent. We have a separate area for tithing discussion and business, so it doesn’t get lost within the day’s conversation. We have another for prayer requests, and one we use for sacrament, which we also do via online video chat roughly 2 days a week for whoever can attend at that time. We have also had times when many of us have been able to personally get together. Those in Utah are able to see each other fairly often, but some members have also been able to travel long distances to meet in person. We love to be with each other and hope to have more personal get-togethers in the future.We have started to develop a few inside jokes and a distinct culture, but we want everyone to feel comfortable and fully participate. So we really encourage questions and thoughts from everyone. Our desire is that all beliefs are respected and that everyone is comfortable sharing what they think. We have a rather diverse group of people in means as well as beliefs. Our rules have never really been put into writing and voted upon, though they have been discussed as situations arose. Tithing funds are to be used for the poor only. We seek to operate by patience, kindness, longsuffering, and love-unfeigned as set out in D&C 121. We often disagree, but it doesn’t lend to contention because we allow others to follow the dictates of their own conscience. We share some deep and personal things, and thus confidences are expected to be kept. There is also no place for manipulation, assertions of power or authority over others, etc. We want everyone to feel safe within our group. We want to build lasting relationships and to knit our hearts together in love and unity. We would love to develop more local connections and are posting several locations with members that are willing to meet locally.
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