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Utah Believers Sunday Mornings
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432 E Bowden St
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United States
10 am Sunday MORNINGS. This fellowship is essentially a sub-set of the Utah Believers Fellowship listed herein. The regular Utah believers fellowship is geared completely already and you should check that fellowship listing also. The main group meets usually on Sunday evenings. Sometimes the Sunday evening or Saturday evening fellowship schedule is not "workable" with all the other family/scheduling conflicts that come up. The Sat/Sun evening worship/study schedule is working pretty well and we don't want to change that or interfere with that worthy endeavor. That should stay pretty much as it is-- we enjoy, and are edified by the opportunities to attend as much as we are able.This additional fellowship opportunity is an effort to afford ourselves and others plentiful opportunity to partake the sacrament and be linked to some sort of fellowship as much as possible. We offer this additional time and location for fellowship realizing that the most important aspect is to provide opportunity where at least a small group can come together-- "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." My family has decided that we will open our home, on as consistent a basis as possible, to have a Sunday MORNING sacrament service and spiritual discussion. This is just a subset or supporting role in the Utah Believers Fellowship where much more support and people and tithing group etc is offered. We see ourselves mainly focused around having a sacrament service. We simply plan to have some sort of activity to invite the spirit---partake of the sacrament--discuss spiritual matters-- pray--sing-- discuss scriptures--whatever the Spirit directs, etc...about 90 minutes total. Sunday is a long day. We would like to offer this option to those who may find it beneficial to their schedule and needs week to week.There is much strength, wisdom, and friendship to be had among the Utah Believers group already as it currently is operating. We believe this will INCREASE the capacity and offering and worship of the group as a whole.
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