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Welcome to the Grand Mesa Fellowship Group. We are a gathering of individuals and families who seek to remember, understand and preserve the restoration started through Joseph Smith and continued through Denver Snuffer. We focus on living the Doctrine of Christ, developing saving faith, living the covenant, and ministering as the Spirit directs.
We are a group that varies in size from 10 to 30 adults. We usually meet every other Sunday to partake of the Sacrament and discuss gospel topics .. We practice the ordinances as outlined in the scriptures . The particular venue often varies but it is usually in someone’s home or in the beautiful mountains that surround us. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. We are not a church, only a fellowship of like-minded people who love Christ and are seeking to follow Him. The only requirement for joining our group is acceptance of the Doctrine of Christ (see 3 Nephi 11: 31-40), which we practice regularly, and acceptance of the covenant offered to all people again in our day. We meet together oft to worship God and meet each others needs.
As all are equal in our fellowship (no leader) , everyone is free to plan any activity. Some activities we have done include: camping, hiking, teaching the kids survival skills (physical/spiritual), women's retreats, Family retreats, service, clothing/household item swap, prayer circles, baptisms, scripture study, and anything that we feel inspired to do. We look forward to meeting everyone who is interested in worshiping Christ with us.
Please email us with any questions you may have or for meeting information.
Feel free to contact Jon and Kari or Brian Bowler @ 970-200-9849
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Jonny and Kari
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