What is the Fellowship Locator

The Fellowship Locator is a website specifically created to enable individuals with a common belief in Jesus Christ to find and support one another through group or fellowship meetings. It is intended that both those adding their fellowships to this website as well as those looking for a fellowship to attend share a common belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that God calls servants to share a message with His children from time to time. Those who believe in the messages Christ has sent, those who wish to believe, and those who are curious about our beliefs are welcome to fellowship and worship with us.

Disclaimer: This website is not tied to any earthly religious organization. Therefore, it is not the purpose of this website to assist in the creation of a new religion or a new church. As such, the fellowships listed on this website have not undergone any sort of vetting, scrutiny, or evaluation process. Thus, there is no guarantee that the beliefs espoused by any fellowship listed on this website will be similar to your own. It is the responsibility of each individual to exercise prudence and prayer in contacting, selecting, and worshiping with any fellowship group. The creators of this website are not responsible for any negative outcomes associated with contact or engagement with any fellowship.

The listing of fellowships on this website is at the sole discretion of the website owners. It is not our intent to create a religion or a church. If a fellowship listed on this website is not in harmony with its intended purposes and uses, please report such abuse. Any fellowship deemed inappropriate for any reason will be removed and future attempts to add it will be blocked.