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Central Kentucky Fellowship
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Our group of believers in Christ currently stands at about 20 from two families. So far most of the contact between our two families has been frequent and activity or needs based. We have found it to be easy and desirable to share our time, talents and substance together. When we gather to worship we allow the Spirit to lead the discussion and flow of the meeting, using the scriptures as our guide, shared testimonies and personal stories.We believe that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith, that those teachings have become skewed by men over time. We desire to return to the foundation of the gospel, as given from the Lord, so we may progress and receive the fullness of what the Lord is willing to offer.We desire to fellowship in a way where those who are rising up and reaching for Zion can come and share views, learning and thoughts, without fear of criticism and retribution. We strive to draw nearer to Christ, and all of our efforts are to that end. It is written in Moses Chapter 7, verse 18: And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.It is this condition after which we seek, as we desire our Lord Jesus Christ to refer to us as, "His people". Our discussions, learning, sharing and communication are intended to direct us to that "one heart" which connects us to the Father and the Son, and allows us to become that Zion which must be established in the last days. All are welcome, including men, women, children of all races or religions.
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